Friday, July 17, 2009

recessionista bride top 7 ways to save...

Move on over bridezilla. There’s a new type of bride in town now. She’s turning the over the top wedding on its head. And she’s not letting the gloomy economy get in her way of a nice event.

She’s a recessionista bride baby...

A recessionista bride know how to have a fab wedding for only a fraction of the $35,000 that the ’so-called average’ bride spends on her wedding.

But wait, how can recessionista bride do this you ask ?

With a little help from Peter and team bELLE

#1 Flexibility and we are'nt talking in your honeymoon suite...A recessionista bride knows that Saturday evening is the most wanted after time slot for a wedding and also the most costly, so recessionista bride is willing to have her wedding on a Friday night or Sunday or maybe even during the week.

#2. Second-hand... Recessionista bride spend time on e bay and graogs list looking for gently used wedding items. (She’s a savvy bride who always checks out references and runs fast if she detects event the slightest hint of unprofessionalism.)

#3. Prioritizing what she wants... A recessionista bride knows her priorities. She splurges only on the things that are really important to her.

#4.Resourcefulness... She makes use of the many talents among her relatives and circle of friends. If her aunt is a piano player, she’ll ask her to play at the wedding ceremony. If her sister-in-law is a graphic designer, she’ll hire her to design the invitations.

#5 Haggling... The recessionista bride saves money by negotiating with vendors. She realizes vendors are hungrier for clients than they were last year, and she’s not afraid to ask them for a better price or to throw in a few extras or get a deal for CASH

#6 Have a small Guest List... A recessionista bride scales back the people she invites too only the people who matter to the couple. If she hasn’t seen her friend Nancy Nevercall in five years, good chance she’s not on the list. And she doesn’t invite people simply out of obligation. (Just because she was invited to her hairdresser’s wedding last year doesn’t mean she has to return the favor.) Co-workers and distant relatives are often left off of the list.

#7 DIY... With a few clicks of the mouse, a recessionista bride learns how to make everything from centerpieces for her reception to wedding favors. And if she’s not the crafty type she sources out the projects to family, or she posts her projects on Etsy- a site that connects buyers with artisans who meet requests for custom items.

We hope this help you, as always let us know
Cheers Peter & team bELLE

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