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Wedding Party Gift...

Great idea, personlized racing shoes
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Wedding Party Gifts,do they deserve them...

Thank you gifts for your bridesmaids & groomsmen...

Drop to shop,time for the fun... Not for yourself, crazy, but for those wonderful friends who helped you pull off the best wedding ever OK. Choosing gifts for your wedding attendants is an important detail not to overlook. Make sure to take a moment on your big day to thank the people closest to you. From throwing the perfect party to keeping you sane in the last frenzied moments before you walk down the aisle, they’ve been there every step of the way. Here are some great ideas if you are stuck for gift ideas

Bridesmaids Gifts...

  1. Personalized handbags... This could include wrist lets, tote bags, evening bags or cosmetic bags are always great. And let’s face it, women who don’t love purses are few and far between! Make your bridesmaids gifts unique by giving each of your girls a different color purse, or by engraving a special thank you message on each one.
  2. Engraved compact mirror... This bridesmaid gift idea is both fun and simple . Fun, because it sure beats the usual plastic compacts most girls have, and simple cause it’s something your bridesmaid can take with her everywhere .
  3. Bridesmaid tank top ... It can be cute to give each of your bridesmaids a matching tank or baby tee shirt. You can personalize each one with a clever funny message or nickname, and they’ll love them even more.
  4. Friends scrapbook... Making a scrapbook for someone takes a lot of thought and love, it is also cheap. So if you have the time and are creative, give each person in your wedding party to this amazing bridesmaids gift filled with pictures of the two of you enjoying fun moments together. Another ideas along the same theme, photo key rings or engraved picture frames with you and her in it.

Groomsmen Gifts...

  1. For the purely punctual... If your best men are one of those guys who’s never late, they will love a pocket watch or desk clock. You can also give one of these gifts to your buddy who is never on time and could use the hint,don't be late to my wedding.
  2. For the pretty boys...Have a friend who’s always checking himself out or looks like he could grace the cover of GQ magazine. Then opt for a shaving brush set, a personalized men’s grooming kit or a silver manicure set. These groomsmen gifts are great because they can be used at home or taken away on business.
  3. The game lover...What game loving grooms men wouldn’t welcome a deluxe S___ poker set, an personlized golf luggage tag or a mini or portable pool set as a groomsman gift.
  4. For the best men who’s all business... You can’t go wrong with a classic leather business case, it cost money but worth it (with the option of personalizing it with your groomsman’s initials).

What ever you give, remember that the friends in your wedding party are all different people with different tastes, interests and hobbies. So what one person may like, the other may not. Try to buy something unique and different for each attendant - or at least personalize the same gift with a different engraved message. And make sure to do it a month before the wedding so if the message is wrong you have time to change it.

Hope this help, let me know !!!

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