Sunday, August 9, 2009

What should I do with my cake...

To Save or not to Save, the question

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During a consultation with a bride to be she ask us about her wedding cake, there are a few questions to consider. One of them is regarding the number of servings she would like from her cake. This often leads to a discussion about saving the top tier.

The tradition of saving the top tier of the cake began long ago in England UK, when tiered wedding cakes were made of a rich, wine or brandy wine soaked fruitcake. This cake was well preserved by the liquor and fruit it contained, and was usually served to the guest at the christening of the first kid . Birth-control, and life-styles being what they were in those days, this blessed event most often occurred within one year of the wedding.

Now, modern wedding cakes are rarely make a out of fruitcake, and most couples plan to extend their “honeymoons” beyond a year of their wedding date. Therefore, if saving the top tier is a tradition the couple wished to pursue, is should be wrapped really well, and kept it frozen for up to three months. It can then be thawed slowly and shared when celebrating the one year anniversary, a family member’s birthday, or a holiday gathering.

However, having a tier of cake which is not going to be served at the wedding also adds to the cost of the cake, so I don’t recommend it for the budget conscious. And speaking of budgets, it really isn’t absolutely necessary to have exactly the number of servings match the number of guests. As hard as it is for me to imagine, some people actually don’t care to eat cake, especially when there is another dessert being served. A smaller cake can be commissioned, and later on, if the guest list should grow, or the couple is concerned about having enough, a small “back-up” cake can be ordered within two weeks of the wedding date.

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