Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Breast cancer.Peter Bruce Photo & bFORACURE online proof of book is up to view

bFORACURE Launches Online Preview of its ‘Breasts are Beautiful’ Coffee Table Book to Raise Funds for Breast Cancer Charities

Come one, come all, some are big, some are small, brown and white and black ones – there are boobies for all!

Less than 9 months since the project’s inception, b for a cure has launched an online preview of its forthcoming breasts are beautiful coffee table book, whose proceeds benefit breast health organizations. Destined to be a hot seller during ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ month and the upcoming holiday season, breasts are beautiful is a book that everyone can proudly display. Quantities are limited and will sell out fast!

  • The Concept -

To highlight the magnificence of breasts and the importance of their health, b for a cure has undertaken a unique project that compiles black and white photographs of anonymous nude breasts in a coffee table book format. Subjects span all walks of life and include everyday women, celebrities and politicians. The project will be released in limited editions annually, with a portion of the net proceeds donated to charities supporting breast health.

  • The Photographer -

Peter Bruce was born in Australia and spent much of his life traveling the globe. He's a seasoned professional, experienced in many styles of photography. During his career, Peter has worked with a variety of clients, including Playboy, the Melbourne Opera as well as shooting for major movie studios in Hollywood.

In the past, Peter has worked with several celebrities, including: Michael Caine, Elton John, Dustin Hoffman, Frank Sinatra, Peter Gabriel, Eddie Albert, Corbin Bernsen, Seymore Caselle, David Carradine, James Coburn, Bill Cosby, Kim Delaney, Matt Dillon, Robin Givens, Dana Gould, Englebert Humperdink, Ed McMahon, John Savage, Jerry Seinfeld, Jimmy Smits, Kevin Spacey, Ming-Na Wen and Vanessa Williams.

After his wife participated in a 3-day walk in support of breast cancer awareness, Peter became more cognizant about the size and severity of the affliction. Through discussions with family and friends, he was encouraged to use his skill as a photographer and past experience with the beauty of the female figure to raise breast cancer awareness.

  • ‘breasts are beautiful’ -

b for a cure’s inaugural edition, breasts are beautiful, features 308 women from photo shoots in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas and Chicago, artwork by DreamWorks animator Devin Crane and a dedication by actress, Jenny McCarthy. The limited edition book is being pre-sold at www.bforacure.com and will be offered for $54.95 through retail outlets nationwide starting in late Fall 2010.


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Peter Bruce

Online ‘breasts are beautiful’ Preview: http://media.bforacure.com/sample.html

Purchase a Copy of breasts are beautiful: http://www.bforacure.com/editions