Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The wedding planner...

One O one Wedding Planning

kick back...Let a wedding planner take care of all the details...

So he dropped to his neek and you got the ring,your engaged, got the date nailed down and now you’re getting ready to do a bot of serious wedding planning. You already have a small notion about what your wedding might look like, but now is the time to start working out the wedding details and making decisions.

Some of this process should be fun, like shopping for your wedding rings and trying on nice dresses. Some decisions are harder, like choosing favors . While your wedding plan will depend on your own tastes and style, some other people will want to influence your choices. How many people you invite? Who will be in the bridal party? Then there are all the details to keep track of, contracts to sign and people to organize. HOLY _____ sounds like a full time job.

It may be one of the best occasions of your life, planning a wedding can also come with some stress. Hello enter the wedding planner or wonder woman (or man if you like ) of all things wedding, and the diva of designing and implementing a bride’s wedding vision. Basically, the right wedding planner can become a busy bride’s best friend. If planning your wedding seems like its an overwhelming job and you’d really prefer a pro helping hand, you should consider hiring a wedding planner, consultant or event coordinator,even if it is for the dayoff your wedding.

Stop...before you jump on the phone and call local wedding planners, be aware that their services will cost you some where from $1001 to $4001 this is for a typical wedding with all the trimmings. Make sure you’re getting what you pay for by following these helpful handy tips...

1 Experience... You will definitely want to hire someone with some experience in event planning, especially if your wedding is going to be large and fancy. Don’t discount hiring a rookie planner, though - you can often get a great price for an enthusiastic and eager-to-please new wedding coordinator.

2 Your Vision is important ... While you might be OK to turn over some of the responsibility to someone with more planning experience, it’s still your wedding. Be sure to find a wedding planner that you can work with to bring your vision of a perfect wedding to life. Become a team.

3 The Basics ... Is your wedding planner familiar with the best wedding locations, florists, caterers, photographers and Video in your location? Are they on good terms with these vendors?

4 Invitations ... Some wedding planners don’t do stationary. Will yours be prepared to handle the entire invitation process from choosing stationery to licking stamps?

5 The Honeymoon... Plan this your self, its fun

6 The Contract ... Your contract with your wedding planner should be thorough and, comprehensive and legally binding to each other. Make sure you understand what services you’re paying for before you sign.And be a team

If you can’t afford a wedding planner, or if you really want to do it yourself but you just need some help staying organized, try looking online wedding planning and coor services. These helpful websites provide wedding checklists, time lines, budgeting tools and helpful advice to make this time one of happiness and excitement - rather than one of anxiety and chaos. Or ask a friend to help out on the day.

Cheers and good luck
Peter Bruce

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Big day photos...

I hope you like these photos. And please call me if you have any question or need any help planning your important wedding day. I shoot both Film and Digital to give you the best of all world.
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Thursday, June 25, 2009