Saturday, August 20, 2011

Easy creole at 111 Minna Gallery by Peter Bruce Photo

Peter Bruce Photo the best Creole in SF was catering at the swank 111minnagallery
and was there to cover the event. Try to make it next time,you'll be happy you did
Cheers Peter

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

YELP are you a fun

NO I AM NOT A FAN...My day was made when I got this T Shirt from Ben at the great sause Restaurant in SF . Tell me what you think,you know what I think and please pass it around...
Cheers Peter Bruce

Friday, May 20, 2011

Did I fail. please help

I think I did my best. But maybe failed. Please let me explain. Thursday my youngest girl was sick and had the day off school.
At lunch time we went for a walk up the street to get some juice. Along the way we walked past our local hair dresser, and she ask me if she could get a hair cut. Of course I said. During her hair cut, she said she would get it short (low maintance) if I got my hair cut short. OK you get the picture. Half way during my hair cut my heart went into my month. How I am going to pay for this. S_____ i just blow my $1.50 per day. I was so on auto pilot and did not think, I was doing so well and I just blew it on a hair cut.
So I guess in a way I failed, not for the lack of trying.
What do you think ?
Cheers Peter

Sunny side to the story,I have a cool hair cut and hair washing of my 10 year old is easier

Sunday, May 15, 2011



So I am going to Live Below the Line. Thanks to the many people who have ask how. To be completely frank. I don't know how,but I am going to do it

Here are the rules:

  • Live Below the Line Week
    From Monday, May 16 – Friday, May 20, I can spend no more than $1.50 per day on food and drink.

  • Total budget

    I have a total of $7.50 with which to buy all ingredients for your meals. If you only use half a packet of something, I only need to budget for half the cost.

  • Share your food
    I can share the cost of ingredients amongst a team, as long as no participant spends more than $1.50 per day or their total $7.50 budget. Having team dinner parties is a great way to enjoy the challenge!

  • No sneaky snacks
    I can't grab snacks at home unless you include the cost of buying the item new from the supermarket in your budget.

  • Garden goodies are OK I can use food sourced from your garden - if you factor in the cost of buying it from a market, supermarket, or other supplier.

  • No meal combinations
    No combination of meals on any given day can exceed the $1.50 spending limit.

  • No donated food
    I can't accept "donated" food from family or friends, but monetary donations towards your fundraising goal are acceptable and encouraged!

  • Donation Goalpost So if you want to help,here is the link

    Help feed a hungry kids through Peter

    Please check back as I am going to try and post photos of this week

    Thanks Peter Bruce

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bodie newspaper

Bodies first newspapers. Here is an original . Check out this photo
Let me know what you think please

Hugh Jackman video

Please watch what I am about to do,though this video presented by Mr Hugh Jackman

Here is the link to view...

Here is the link if you want to donate to my efforts...