Friday, July 24, 2009

Three tips...

3 important things your wedding Photographer must offer...

So you're getting married, Congrats. You want your wedding day to be as wonderful & perfect as you've always dreamed it would be.But, if you pick the wrong wedding photographer, your day may be a lot less than perfect, and you may not be happy with the photos your photographer shoot for you. Bummer man. So, how do you go about choosing Mr photoright?

Glad you asked and as always we are here to help. Make sure your photographer offers you these 5 things. Then you can relax and feel confident the love, special moments and important details of your wedding will be captured with wonderful photos .

Do you like the photographer's work...

  1. Look at a good selection of the photographers wedding photos, not just a few photos on there web site. It's best if you can see at least an album or two. The albums probably represent the best of there work. How do the images look to you? Are they pleasing to look at? Does the lighting and the color look good ? Is the photographer's style what you are looking for? Most of our couples are looking for a mix of photojournalistic photos & classic posed traditional shots. Make sure your photographer is capable of, and comfortable with, taking the style of images you want for your wedding photos. If you don't like the photographer's work, there is no need to consider them further. Also, make sure the work you see was done by the photographer who will photograph your wedding. Some studios will show you a lot of good work from various photographers, but will not guarantee you will get the photographer whose work you like the best. There is one company in San Francisco does this a lot and will not tell you who the photographer is till weeks before the wedding.
  2. Do you like the photographer's personality or bed side manner...
    Is the photographer confident, easy and out going. Does the photographer have a good sense of humor? Remember, the photographer will be with you through most of the wedding day, interacting with you, your bridal party, your family, and your wedding guests. A demanding, inflexible, and uptight photographer can make your day really bad. I know you don't want that! Make sure you both get along well with the photographer you choose. If the photographer is going to have a second photographer help at your wedding, meet that assistant photographer and make sure you feel comfortable with them as well. To get to know your photographer before you choose them, it is really important you meet with them personally. If it is physically impossible to meet with the photographer, you should make sure some of their testimonials from previous clients make you feel comfortable with the photographer's personality.
  3. Does your photographer offer you the right value?
    Not the right price, but, the right value, There is a difference. If your photographer doesn't have all of the above characteristics, it may not matter what their prices are. If the photographer has all these, that's a big part of the value they offer you. In this case, the price should be less important. Just make sure your photographer will provide what is really important to you and is up front with you about costs for everything you want. Someone who gives you a "low" price up front may sound good. But, things change when you find they charge extra for every location stop, for the digital image files, for a studio set up at the reception, and so on. And never pay for overtime. A photographer who charges twice as much, but includes almost everything, can often be a better value for you overall.

Well there you have it. Choose your wedding photographer based on the above 3 factors, and you will go a long way toward having the wedding of your dreams. Good luck and congratulations again. As always let us know.

Cheers Peter & bELLE

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