Friday, November 6, 2009

Fun wedding photos

Life is to short to not have fun so we decided to pull out some funny photos,let us know what you think...

He's Falling For Her... HARD

What a great photo.Because there's no way she can catch him! This leap of faith is a sure show of love, and with any luck she'll remember her vows to be there for him in his sickness and poor health, because that's the condition that he'll be in after he hits the dirt!

Do You Have Change For A ...

You get the impression that this guy isn't the groom, but the real groom obviously isn't wearing the pants in the family if the bride is already digging around in someone else's! Here's a big tip... Save wedding photo ideas such as this one for the people you aren't too fond of, because the ones who used to like you won't after finding this one in the wedding album! PS tell us know how high you think he is ?

This Guy Is a Morning Person?

Anytime a guy is willing to do this crazy stunt, it's a can't-miss photo op. Hopefully the groom calms down before the honeymoon, or there's the potential for quite a few funny wedding photos that the photographer won't be privy to! Take a tip from this picture for a few wedding photo ideas of your own – the use of color in this shot is phenomenal!

We hope you enjoyed these photos

Cheers Peter Bruce Photo & Video

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