Monday, July 19, 2010

Mel Gibson not dead,really by Peter Bruce Photo

Mel Gibson not dead REALLY suicide rumors spread through 'RIP Mel Gibson' Twitter tweet and

"Mel Gibson dead" is such a popular search term right now, with folks Googling "Mel Gibson dead" so often that the phrase shows up both on Google Trends and on -- all because of seemingly confusing information being spread around the web via and other websites.
A Guy on twitter with over 15k followers Tweeted "RIP Mel Gibson" about 8 hours ago, and obviously felt the need to clarify by posting "I said Rip Mel Gibson , well his career that is. Twitter is 'smart'," three hours after his first tweet.

While no valid news organization like or other outlet has reported anything about Gibson's fake death or suicide.
It's all an effort to get "RIP Mel Gibson" a trending topic on Twitter, say some.

"Mel Gibson died on July 19, 2010," a YouTube user named Ryukumori2799 claimed incorrectly, going on to say: "Cause of death is suicide. Not enough information to make a clear statement on why he did it. RIP

Peter Bruce photo

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