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Facebook by Peter Bruce

Some of the astounding numbers surrounding the Palo Alto social-networking giant in 2010.

This worries me.Why... Facebook is worth $45 billion and 96% of people on Face book don't pay a read cent. Is this what life has become,so much for so little. If you want heat in your house,turn the heat on and get a power bill,want gas in your car, fill it up and pay,well pay first. Want a newspaper, buy it and read it.. Along with the likes of Skype,pandora and others it's all becoming free. What message does this send to the people of the world.

Goods & services don't cost. And I can get what I want,when I want it free.
WTF this blog is free & and I am using it. this a good thing for the human race ... Let me know

If the social network were a country, it would be the world's third largest.

1. China 1,330,141,295

2. India 1,173,108,018

3. Facebook 500,000,000

4. United States 310,232,863

5. Indonesia 242,968,342

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

China 1.3 billion

India 1.1 billion

Facebook .5 billion

Estimated value:

$45.21 billion

Face book is still a closely held company, although there is constant speculation that it will go public. One measure of the company's value comes from, which tracks the sale of privately held stock. According to Sharespost, Facebook is valued at $45.21 billion.

That puts it between Metlife Inc. ($43.79 billion) and Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. ($45.27 billion).

A treasure trove of content Facebook members share more than 30 billion pieces of content (Web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photos, etc.) each month. The average user creates 90 pieces of content in a month.

The Library of Congress, below, which dates to 1800, houses more than 144 million items, including books, newspapers, audio, video, maps, sheet music and photographs.

8.93% of all hits

7.19% of all hits

According to Experian Hitwise, in 2010 Facebook passed Google to become the top-visited website in the United States.

Facebook accounted for 8.93 percent of all hits from January to November, while Google had 7.19 percent.






And the word "Facebook" was the most searched term for the second year in a row, but in 2010, "Facebook Login" was No. 2.

The movie "The Social Network" with Jesse Eisenberg, left, the acclaimed film with Hollywood's version of how Mark Zuckerberg, top, founded Facebook, has reeled in $92.6 million since its Oct. 1 release, according to BoxOffice. com.

Membership milestones WOW...

February 2004:

Facebook founded

December 2004:

1 million

December 2005:

5.5 million

December 2006:

12 million

April 2007:

20 million

August 2008:

100 million

April 2009:

200 million

September 2009:

300 million

February 2010:

400 million

July 2010:

500 million

Estimated number of members: 600 million

Facebook's worldwide membership mushroomed from 150 million in January 2009 to 500 million in July, which was the last time the company released an official figure. It announces only the number of active users, those who log on to the site at least once a month.

With the number of monthly active users increasing by about 18.5 million per month in the last year and a half, Facebook is expected to have 600 million members soon. What I think 3 to 5 years there will be another bigger type of Face book,The year 2000,who knew of google,it was all Yahoo,now take a look.

Please let me know your thoughts

Peter Bruce

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