Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Live below the line Global Poverty Project

Thanks for following me on the journey.

From 16 - 20 May I'll be living on $1.50 per day for food 5 days to help raise awareness for issues of extreme poverty in our world.

1.4 BILLION people are forced to live every day on $1.50. Food, drink, health expenses, housing, transportation, education - all living costs must be covered by this amount. It's a feat impossible to imagine - but it's the reality for nearly one quarter of the world's population. I mainly feel the PAIN for KIDS,who don't ask for this,but are trapped in it.

Population U.S. 311,239,062 World 6,914,666,412. "You do the Math"

Your support is important, not just in money but in mind. (and a Hardy meal on day 6 would be nice)

But more importantly . Between these days ,please stop & think...

Every time you open your wallet to buy food,open your mouth to take a bite of food,every time you smell food. Think about not having it,not just not having it, but not being able too have it.

Thanks for stopping & helping.

Just a much as I need your help I need a BUZZ please pass this to others.

Post on your Facebook etc

Cheers Peter

Here is the site to help


Please stop back here to see how I am doing

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