Friday, May 20, 2011

Did I fail. please help

I think I did my best. But maybe failed. Please let me explain. Thursday my youngest girl was sick and had the day off school.
At lunch time we went for a walk up the street to get some juice. Along the way we walked past our local hair dresser, and she ask me if she could get a hair cut. Of course I said. During her hair cut, she said she would get it short (low maintance) if I got my hair cut short. OK you get the picture. Half way during my hair cut my heart went into my month. How I am going to pay for this. S_____ i just blow my $1.50 per day. I was so on auto pilot and did not think, I was doing so well and I just blew it on a hair cut.
So I guess in a way I failed, not for the lack of trying.
What do you think ?
Cheers Peter

Sunny side to the story,I have a cool hair cut and hair washing of my 10 year old is easier

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