Sunday, May 1, 2011

Coffee can save people

Yes coffee can save people...

But first we need to cover one thing. We need to love and feed our Dogs & Cats.
Now it is up to you to take a little heat,a little.
I love my coffee as much as anyone.Do I need it,yes some mornings it is a must,OK most mornings. But for a week I am going to go without (NO GUILT ON YOU). So how much do we spend on coffee while some people just try to get buy.Well, it depends where you go to get your coffee. If you go to a fast food place it will cost around $1.25 up to $1.50. If you go to Starbucks it might be a little more. Starbucks would cost about $2.50 to $5.00. It depends what size you get.

The National Average is $1.38/cup. The American coffee drinker consumes 3.2 cups per day!

So I will do the math for you


x $1.25

= $4 LOW SIDE per person per day

$16 HIGH SIDE per person per day

Therefore this is enough to many people.

So I hope you can take one of those cups of coffee and help and starving person. Here is the link to help Thanks for your help and good thoughts

Cheers Peter Bruce

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